Through the writings of Sean Lally and the designs of his office WEATHERS/Sean Lally LLC, The Air on Other Planets: A Brief History of Things to Come is an upcoming book that looks into the worlds we as architects, landscape architects, and urban planners will soon create as the parameters of our design control expand. Today begins an opportunity to build environments and climatic contexts previously unseen and tested, presupposed to be either out of our range of implementation or simply discounted as being unable to absorb the spatial responsibilities associated with architecture. The Air on Other Planets addresses how energy will soon become a building block material for creating the physical boundaries and edges that construct a new architecture and demonstrates through projects and historical examples the spatial, organizational, and social implications layered beneath. The book is rooted in the belief that the architectural profession’s greatest attribute lies not only in harnessing the latest technologies and advancements of building materials, but also in the execution of the imagination — through speculation and projections of worlds and environments yet to exist. The Air on Other Planets is a book nostalgic for the future.

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Architecture as an active context

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