Vittorio Montalti is an ironic and sharp composer, one of my favourites amongst the last generations of composers. In his music you will hear disharmonious sounds, deadened notes, quivers, sizzles, rustles, variations of any kind of noise obtained thanks to accurate research into the instruments and on the techniques of the performance. They are the sounds of the engines that are really around us in everyday life and at the same time they are the metaphors of our condition of choking-by-computer-din: broken, superimposed, jagged signals.
Vittorio shapes essential and refined characters that show up, move and interact with each other during the development of his pieces. In this game his use of electronics and of new technologies – predominant over the last years – are skilfully employed, always very attentive to the use of timbres. Lately Vittorio seems particularly committed to musical theatre: the work L’arte e la maniera di affrontare il proprio capo per chiedergli un aumento, taken from a text by George Perec, was performed this year at the Biennale diVenezia and was a hit with the public – great things are expected of Vittorio.
Ricciarda Belgiojoso
Biennale Musica 2013 - L'arte e la maniera di affrontare il proprio capo per chiedergli un aumento
Three voices opera, ensemble and electronics. Music by Vittorio Montalti; libretto Giuliano Compagno; director Mario Ancillotti. Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice, October 9, 2013 (world premiere)

Vittorio Montalti, Opera, 2013

First Performance of «L’arte e la maniera di affrontare il proprio capo per chiedergli un aumento» Chamber Opera
La Biennale di Venezia 2013 OPERA ⓒ Akiko Miyake
Vittorio Montalti, Macchina Crudele (excerpt)
Vittorio Montalti, Don't Shoot The Piano Players (excerpt)
Vittorio Montalti, Nu Descendant Un Escalier (excerpt)
Vittorio Montalti, Dittico (excerpt)
Vittorio Montalti, Tentative d'épuisement
Edizioni Suvini Zerboni
IRCAM Festival Manifeste
Lucerne Academy Ensemble
cond: Heinz Holliger
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