Rome Projects

[1] Mapping Science: Rome [] For my mapping project, I'm creating three pathways through Rome, each of which represents a different aspect of the scientific process: Observation, Collection, and Comparison. Each path will contain a number of nodes; Each node will have an essay or interview, a multimedia interactive, and a paper-craft model to download and make: a paper microscope, sundial, entomology collection, etc. For example, one node on the Observation path will be the Galilean telescope reproduction that I'm building and will place out in the garden behind the Academy - one point on the map. That node will have a paper telescope model, an essay on shifting concepts of objectivity, and a 360 degree photographic panorama of the telescope in situ, with views into the telescope. Currently, I'm hand-drawing maps of the city, which I'll then digitize and integrate into the Google map API, so viewers will zoom from node to node in my hand-drawn city. Some of the other pathway nodes include Enrico Fermi's lab on the Via Panisperna, a Jeremy-Bentham-inspired panopticon prison viewable from the Gianicolo, and the first microscope slides from the 18th century in the Academy dei Lincei in Trastevere.

[2] Galilean Telescopes
I'm also making several functional reproductions of one of Galileo's telescopes out of turned wood, paper tubes, and hand-ground lenses, which I'll put out in the back of the Academy for some star-gazing during the Galileo Cabaret in April 2011.

[3] Callimachus Redux
Inspired by the Pinakes of Callimachus - a catalog of the library of Alexandria done in poetic form - I'm working on creating my own version using the catalog of the Museo Galileo in Firenze (formerly the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza). For each entry I'm writing a poem, which I'll then collect and print in a double-folio sized book, based on the scientific atlases of the 18th - 19th centuries.

[4] Meta + Morphē
Collapsing ideas from the comparative anatomy charts of the 19th century into Ovid's catalog of mythic creatures in his Metamorphoses ("Transformations"), I'm constructing a life-size drawing of minotaurs, fauns, hapless mortals, and gods vying for power and dominance.  The drawing is constructed out of hundreds of small pieces of vellum, each printed with a portion of Ovid's text and a section of the drawing. Overlapped and pinned to the wall, the vellum pages create the full panoramic image.

Digital sketches for 'Mapping Science: Rome'

Digital sketches for 'Mapping Science: Rome'

Digital sketches for 'Mapping Science: Rome'

Galileo telescope reproduction [in process]

Lenses for Galilean telescopes

Lens for Galilean telescope

Drawing a map of Rome for 'Mapping Science: Rome'

'Callimachus Redux' book prototype

'Meta + Morphē' sketch for panorama

'Natural Histories [Revised]'



'An Ordered Universe'

'Mnemonic Almanac'

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