“In the Footsteps of Vitruvius: Durability Lessons Learned from In-Situ Diagnostic Studies of Original Construction Details”

In the course of my 14 years of practice in historic preservation, the work of the Roman architect/engineer/planner/master builder Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (Vitruvius), as set forth in his seminal text De Architectura ("The Ten Books of Architecture"), has provided me with a frequent touchstone for my own work. Now, with the National Endowment for the Arts Rome Prize in Historic Preservation and Conservation, I follow in the footsteps of Vitruvius, utilizing his methodology of direct observation of existing buildings (the details, materials, and methods of their construction, and their current condition) to derive the lessons they have to teach us regarding long-term durability and preservation.

For progress, check out my project blog: http://mbronskiblog.sgh.com

Bronski on scaffold of Borromini's Oratorio di Fillipini

Bronski drawing 1

Bronski sketchbook 1

Bronski sketchbook 2

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