Abigail Child has been filming in Rome scenes from the life of Mary and Percy Shelley in the form of imaginary home movies, utilizing Fellows as actors and the magnificent light and buildings of Rome as ‘sets’ for a feature film whose working title is The Pursuit.

With her piece for AAR's Cryptoporticus in spring, L’impero Invertito, we find her most site-specific installation so far. Here, Child combines Hollywood invention and historical reenactments with contemporary bodies to create a more ambivalent triumphal march into the capital of Empire.

On location in Rome, 2009

Abigail Child filming her feature The Pursuit,with Fellows Nick Wilding (Shelley) and Eileen Ryan (Mary Shelley) with Zooey Wilding (baby Shelley) and Mary Doyle (Prod. Assistant).

L'Impero Invertito, 2010

Images from the site specific installation for the Cryptoporticus, AAR April 15-May 9, 2010.
Includes from left to right: Titus Adkins, Lydia Reissmueller , Nicholas Brennan, and Turiya Adkins.
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